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LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)


We have been working with Nyaasa for more than 8yrs now and I would highly recommend them to all new startups & companies. Right from registration to managing compliances, Nyaasa has a seamless process of payments and doorstep document collection which helps you get started fast with zero hassles of dealing directly with govt offices. And once started, they will help you not only with complete accounting but also all compliances that are required under law. Great quality and service at reasonable pricing.

Shachin Bharadwaj
Co-Founder and CEO SMINQ India Pvt Ltd.  (Founder of which was later acquired by Foodpanda)

We really value the due diligence that Nyaasa has in carrying out its services. We have been intimated on things like TDS returns etc. at the right time to avoid any penalties. We appreciate the flexibility that the team brings in carrying out the tasks. Having a dedicated person towards a project really helps build a relationship

Saurabh Tiwari
Director, Vconstruct India Pvt Ltd

Kaustubh and Kedar
I am writing this mail to record our high appreciation of the work that your team has delivered to Decintell. I have rarely come across this perfection in delivery and communication. It only says a lot about your team, training and the business process that you have successfully managed to implement. Every single point of expectation is met. The response level of your team is extremely high quality and prompt and to the point. We compliment and congratulate you.

Shantanu Joshi
Co-Founder and Director  Decintell Tech Pvt. Ltd.


1- Submit Documents to Nyaasa
2 - Get DIN and DSC
3 - Nyaasa will apply for Registration
4 - Nyaasa will get your company formed

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

2 Partners
Indian Resident
Up-to 1Lac Capital



Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Any combination
other than
first one
mentioned here


Limited Liability

Low Formation Cost

Low Maintenance Cost & Lower Compliance Applicable