Nyaasa - Your Trusted Partner
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Together we can!

Nyaasa is a sanskrit word for Trust. We are dependable and trustworthy knowledge processing partner. Although we are a separate entity, we are an integrated part of your organization, like a slice of a wholesome pie.

When you outsource non-core standard repetitive business processes to us, you are able to concentrate on core areas of your business to increase your revenue, growth and customers. At the same time you also achieve significant reduction in operational costs and benefit from efficient outsourced activity with knowledge based inputs, to support business decision making.

An entity needs to realize that its business is a combination of functions integrated by a common idea promoted by an entrepreneur and it is this business idea that needs to be nurtured and grown. This is exactly where Nyaasa comes into picture where we either outsource the entire or a part of the accounting, tax, legal and reconciliation process a critical support function to the core business idea.

It is an old saying that you either remain updated or get outdated. With todays times changing at superfast speeds beyond ones imagination, what can allow a business to remain competitive is its ability to keep continued focus on its core business domains.

Quality (Our top priority)

Our top priority is to provide outstanding service to you and to be recognized for our integrity and the quality of our delivery.  We abide to serve our clients with creativity and enthusiasm.

Our aim is to provide comfort to those who rely on our work and provide personalized service to our clients but discharge our duties ethically. With our company’s business practices, client service standards and one of the best qualities of professionals we strive to make a mark in this competitive market.

Infrastructure (Fine blend of tangible & intangible resources)

24×7 Operations

Manageable Routers

 Anti-Virus Protection


 Domain Experts

 Methodology for Client Control

 Turnkey Outsourcing Solutions

 Integrity & Confidentiality of Client Information

 High Employee Retention

 Disaster Recovery Plan

 High Level Commitment

 Structured Network Cabling

Scaleable Internet Bandwidth


 Power Supply with UPS

 Process Driven Business Model

Domain Expert Tie-ups

Transparency of Work

 Background Checks for Employees

 Regular Data Backup

 Work culture wherein the word ‘tomorrow’ is  eliminated

 Proper Maintenance of Equipment