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Complete Accounts Outsourcing

Tax Filings – Payroll – Accounting – Reporting

Offshore Development Centre (ODC) & Subsidiaries

Nyaasa provides F&A services to a number of Offshore Development Centres (ODCs) and subsidiaries.
Offshore Development Centres (ODCs) can be a subsidiary or a branch of an overseas corporation.

Indian SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises)

Easily avail our services anywhere in India. Your Geographical location is no bar for availing our services. Nyaasa serves SMEs and Startups across India based in various cities as follows.

Country wise breakup

City wise breakup

Benefits of Off-Site Accounting over Onsite Accounting:


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Regular knowledge sharing sessions to keep updated with latest developments

Perpetual continuity as backed up with team support rather than individual

Electronic information exchange resulting in detailed trail and ease of accessing the data

Support from senior and experienced accountants

Focus purely on accounting function

Easily replaceable in case of absence

Documented and set best industry practices

Career map for accounting function



Onsite Resource may not always have necessary knowledge updates

Absence of onsite individual may hamper key business processes

Manual record keeping generally not monitored resulting in haphazard filing

The business process owners may not always be qualified to guide the technical accounting/tax queries. May result in huge penalties/defaults

May get  involved in other functions resulting in segregation of duties issues and business controls may get compromised

Team support unavailable for onsite resources

Left to individual's choice instead of a solid organization backed process

Lesser motivation as accounting is not the core domain of business but support function. Retention issues domains

Benefits of having an ODC in India

Tax Filing Services

Payroll Services

Accounting Services

Reporting Services

ROC Filings


Benefit from Nyaasa’s innovative technique of accounting

Nyaasa is one of the leading Accounting and Taxation services provider.Nyaasa provides you with day to day accounting, payroll and taxation services. We at Nyaasa are a team of Chartered Accountants, Experienced Accounting Experts and Cost Accountants who have formulated an innovative technique of accounting whereby we help to keep your accounting costs to the minimum and also ensure that you benefit from our offsite accounting and taxation services as under:

  • You will have a complete 360o view of your accounts/process from your office (although the processing takes place offsite)
  • The work will be supervised by our team of Chartered Accountants/ Cost & Works Accountants with significant cost reduction applying the Principle of Shared Services
  • You will have serial number control established over processes ranging from bill booking to printing of cheques
  • There will be no question of discontinuity
  • All Tax compliance and filings will be in time and all reasonable care shall be taken so that you do not attract any interests/ penalties
  • You will not be required to maintain a team of accountants in your office and thus save other incidental payroll, infrastructure, accounting & tax software cost and an implied cost of un-rectified errors, if any.
  • Once you avail these services of Nyaasa many routine advices and opinions are FREE of COST for you.
  • FREE Salary PLANNING to make it most tax friendly for employees.

 Other Services

Making a Business Plan

Business Regulatory Requirements

Selection of Form of Organization

Infrastructural Set-Up

Selecting Business Location

Product Pricing

Sourcing Finance

Sourcing Infrastructural Set-Up